Focus gas fires simulate to a remarkable degree the flame play of a real wood fire, while eliminating its disadvantages. All the gas fires in the Focus range are equipped with a CE-certified gas burner that can operate with either natural gas or propane. The state-of-the-art combustion system in Focus gas fires guarantees both ease of use and high performance.

16 models
Cheminée design centrale Bathyscafocus sur pied
central fireplace
high-performance stove
high-performance stove
high-performance stove
free-standing wall or corner fireplace
cheminée design Filiofocus central vitré
central fireplace, glassed
Cheminée Design Filiofocus Mural
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée poële design Grappus
high-performance stove
cheminée centrale au gaz dans une ancienne bergerie
central fireplace
Cheminée Design centrale Meijifocus
central fireplace, glazed
sculptural built-in fireplace
Cheminée Design Néofocus
built-in fireplace
Cheminée design optifocus
wall fireplace with glass
Cheminée design pictofocus 1200 Bois
built-in glazed fireplace
Cheminée design Pictofocus 860 Bois
built-in glazed fireplace
central closed fireplace