Visualise a Focus fireplace in your interior



The Focus Creation

augmented reality app

is available online

from Google Play

and Apple’s App Store.




Using your tablet or smartphone,

you can visualise the Focus model

of your choice in your own home.

Try out a Focus fireplace directly in your living space with this innovative new application. Using augmented reality technology, the Focus Creation app allows you to visualise, in real time, any of the models in the Focus range without ever leaving home. You can use the app to view a fireplace in any position and from any angle in a setting of your choice.

To use the app, you need a target page, which you can download or find on the last page of our catalogue. Place the target page in the location where you are thinking about installing your fireplace. Then just select the model of your choice and it will appear in 3D, embedded in the chosen setting. You can adjust the position and the flue height for optimal visualisation.

That’s all you have to do to see a Focus fireplace in your own home! The Focus Création app’s advanced technology means choosing the right fireplace has never been easier!



Position the target page in the desired location,
then use your tablet or smartphone
to launch the Focus Création app
and view the fireplace of your choice in your living space.




Questions / answers

  • The fireplace isn't straight: the flue is angled at 45° or is horizontal. The fireplace seems wobbly.

    Reset the target capture (menu on upper left)
    Ensure that you are focusing on the target as you are moving away from it: if the target moves out of the frame for even a half-second, refilm it.

    If the problem continues:

    Ensure that the room is well lighted. Avoid backlighting.
    Place items of furniture around the target (for example, a chair, coffee table or lamp). This will stabilise the image.

  • It's still not working.

    This app renders your interior in 3D imaging in real time, which requires a system with adequate processing speed, sufficient memory and a good camera.
    Older equipment or devices that are not powerful enough may not be able to run the software successfully.

    In this case, try it with another device!