All of the creations presented in this website were designed by
Dominique Imbert with the invaluable help of (by order of appearance):

  • Dominique Bartholi
  • Daniel Fournier
  • Gilles Molina
  • Jean-Marc Chalier
  • Laurent Gaborit
  • Bruno Rougier
  • Christophe Ployé
  • Philippe Bourgoin
  • The Focus research department in Viols-le-Fort
  • The Théus production site in Cavaillon

The bronze works could not have been made without the precious and demanding participation of:

  • Barbara Soïa, sculptor

The technical designs were created by:

  • Gilles Molina
  • Evelyne Storaï
  • Renald Juny
  • Steve Reimonen
  • Cédric Marlin
  • Jean-François Perrier

The furniture and accessories were loaned by:

  • Art Système
  • Château d’Ax and Ligne Roset (Montpellier)
  • Ceadogan Rugs (Ireland)

The music was composed and played by:

  • Mathias Imbert-Imbert (

The graphic design of the website:

  • Mazai (

The conception and development of the website:

Most of the photographs and scene composition:

  • Frédéric Jaulmes


  • Bob Ter Schiphorst
  • Paskal Martin
  • Richard Davis
  • Timoté Valloton
  • François Portmann
  • Jean-Paul Kieffer
  • Jake Fitzjones
  • Alain Rivière-Lecoeur
  • Patrick Eoche
  • Dominique Nachez
  • Claude Pautler
  • Cécile Langlois
  • René M. Stocker
  • Alexandre Réty
  • Adriano Pecchio
  • Ernst Peter Prokop
  • Harald C. Sahling
  • Studio Garnier
  • Karin Ansara
  • Martina Kimmerle
  • Maren Stöver
  • Josep Jordi
  • Di Baio Editore s.p.a.
  • François Allaire and the students at ESMA, with warm thanks.