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July 2019
Press kit Focus 2019

 From the beginning, the brand Focus has always been based in Viols-le-Fort, in the south of France, in the former home of Dominique Imbert who saw the birth of his first Antéfocus. This is where his head office resides; this is also where the Atélier Dominique Imbert imagines, designs and creates the furniture with the "Focus" signature. Thus, it is from this tiny medieval village, at the foot of the Cevennes, that Focus today exports everywhere  around the planet.

June 2019
Slimfocus Wall - a minimal fireplace with maximum output

Focus launch a new compact wall mounted wood burning fireplace
A refined aesthetic combines with exceptional performance

March 2019
A new rust finish for Outdoor Range

Natural colours and finishes have become increasingly popular especially for the outside. This rust finish is an elegant addition the range which now comprises of seven outdoor models. It creates a warm, ambient atmosphere wherever it is installed. The seven models available with rust Finish include: Gyrofocus (photo), Bathyscafocus, Domofocus, Emifocus, Ergofocus, Miofocus and Paxfocus.



October 2018
LENSFOCUS is the latest fireplace design from Focus, adding heat and harmony to every hearth.

As the saying goes, the eyes are the window to the soul, and the LENSFOCUS certainly gives new meaning to this with its distinctive new design. The fireplace gives the illusion of scanning the interior space with its giant eye whilst fanning the flames from within.  With its curved convex glass lens, circular geometric shape and hyper-realistic ceramic logs, the LENSFOCUS creates a spellbinding and hypnotic centrepiece.

April 2018
Focus, France’s premier fireplace company marks its 50th anniversary A new design is launched to honour the occasion, marking this extraordinary journey.

Focus has come a long way since its founder Dominique Imbert created a fireplace design like no other: a dramatic forged steel hearth with an extended flue, that has become the trademark of the company. The story starts in the foothills of the Cevennes in the medieval fortress town of Viols Le Fort, where it is still has its HQ today. The company has grown from one man beating metal to a growing workforce of nearly 100 in the South of France. Its reputation for its handcrafted fireplaces has gone global, with Focus being specified by some of the world’s leading architects on projects ranging from houses to hotels.



October 2017
Focus White !

Distinctive and stylish, Focus White!, the new range created by Focus, stands out. Clad in pristine white, these new models radiate regardless of whether a fire is burning, bringing a unique brightness to a space.

June 2017
Focus launches its new range of gas fireplaces without ceding its leadership in design

The Curvifocus was awarded ‘Gas appliance of the year’ as well as ‘Product of the year’ at the international competition of Hearth & Home, the largest fireplace trade show in Britain (held in Harrogate). That a French company swept the two top awards in recognition of technical innovation and design in a country with such a strong gas fire tradition is a proud achievement.  

June 2017
Exhibiting for the first time at Hearth and Home, Harrogate

Legendary French fireplace company, Focus, is exhibiting for the first time at Hearth and Home , Harrogate from 11-13 June 2017. Famed the world over for its exemplary, contemporary designs, Focus will be exhibiting a range of its newest and best selling models: Gyrofocus, Curvifocus, Slimfocus (DEFRA Approved) and Edofocus 631 - there will be a working model on site for demonstration purposes.

March 2017
Focus extends the art of living outdoors

Would you like to create a convivial space outdoors to welcome a gathering with friends on a cool summer evening or a late autumn day? Focus, the French contemporary fireplace designer, presents its collection of seven outdoor fireplaces.



October 2016
Curvifocus: the world’s first fireplace with a curved face
cheminée-poele contemporain Curvifocus à gaz

Once again, Focus revolutionises the universe of fireplaces with the launch of the Curvifocus, a gas fire with a concave front that offers an exceptional view of the flames.

July 2016
Focus launches a major range of gas fires for the autumn season

The concept is simple, if the execution is complex: unite the signature style of Focus fireplaces to the ease of use of remote-controlled heating appliances. This new range of innovative fires rises to this challenge, featuring ‘plug and play’ technology while staying true to the uncompromising design standards of Focus.



November 2015
Two new models culminate a particularly creative year at Focus
cheminée design cubifocus

Just in time for the winter season, Focus once again proves its skill at playing with shapes while retaining the clean lines and elegant style unique to Dominique Imbert.

July 2015
World first: Focus presents the first suspended fireplace with a balanced-flue heat exchanger
cheminée design centrale slimfocus

The Slimfocus, the latest addition to the Focus range, is a fireplace with exceptional efficiency that meets the strictest environmental standards without a single concession to style. With its innovative balanced-flue technology, Focus launches the first-ever central, suspended model compatible with low-energy buildings.

April 2015
Focus has won the 2014 Red Dot Award! The Grappus was chosen for the extraordinary quality of its design.
cheminée poele design grappus serge

Viols-le-Fort, 2 April 2014 The Grappus wood stove was selected by a team of 40 design experts from around the world, and it is a great honour to receive this sought-after label from such an esteemed international design competition. This year, 4,815 products from 53 different countries were presented to the jury, who judged them on exacting criteria concerning their aesthetic quality, functionality, originality, ergonomics, durability and environmental performance.