Ergofocus Gas

Rotating suspended central gas model

FOCUS has achieved a real technological milestone by allowing gas to flow through a plate in the ceiling and then down through an insulated conduit into the fireplace, while still allowing the hearth to swivel at 100°.
The new Ergofocus Gas uses a remote control that instantly lights the fire, while the flame’s intensity is fully adjustable, constantly providing a warm ambient feature.



The Ergofocus is compact and its diameter of 95 cm makes it easy to fit into any space. It can be installed above any surface, including wooden floors, without the need for a protective plate underneath. 
The model is fitted with a plate specially designed to allow the gas pipe to pass through. The system is battery-operated, and the burner is controlled by remote control. 
When you purchase the Ergofocus Gas, with its cutting-edge technology, our sales partners perform a technical survey of the project carried out by a specially trained member of their team. 


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  • White
  • Matte black





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