wall mounted fireplace

To respond to the demand for a Slimfocus that could be connected to a smoke flue on an outdoor wall, Focus developed a wall version of this model. As streamline as the central version, the wall Slimfocus unites the elegance and clarity of a high-relief sculpture with exceptional heat performance.


 - flames that sing in tune -


Available versions
• Slimfocus wall mounted  (Current model)
Slimfocus on base, fixed
Slimfocus on base, fixed, balanced flue
Slimfocus suspended, fixed
Slimfocus suspended, pivotant
Slimfocus suspended, fixed, balanced flue
Slimfocus suspended, pivotant, balanced flue


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  • Matte black



Nominal heat output 4,5 kW
Efficiency 82 %
Dust 30 mg/Nm3
CO output 0,10 %

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