Jul 2020
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The Gyrofocus installed in a church tower

Form and function are the essence of the Focus brand and it is no coincidence that the interior designer, Ingrid Maria Buron de Preser, chose to install the iconic Gyrofocus fireplace in this remarkable Brutalist bell tower, formerly the church of Saint Elisabeth Freiburg Germany,  which was renovated in 2018.
This monolithic spire serves only as a backdrop to the Gyrofocus fireplace, which naturally found its place at the top of the bell tower and with its geometric proportions was ideal for showcasing the legendary model. The central chimney with the open and pivoting hearth, is suspended from the ceiling with a bespoke flue measuring 7.5 meters in length.  The sculptural fireplace contrasts perfectly with the architectural angles of the bell tower.
The Gyrofocus was already in Ingrid Maria Buron de Preser’s mind when she discovered this building; she had always admired the work of Focus: “I love the creations of fireplace designer, Dominique Imbert,  he has always had such a strong "vision and passion" and he has never stopped combining craftsmanship with art and design".