Gyrofocus Glazed

central glazed wood fireplace with suspended and pivoting hearth

What is new is imperceptible at first glance: the iconic GYROFOCUS is now closed and promised a new future, in compliance with the Ecodesign
which will come into force on January 1, 2022.

The heart of the fireplace is protected by circular glass panels, but it has not lost any of its original attributes: its legendary design and 360° swivel.
By closing the wood-burning fireplace of its original icon, FOCUS has once again achieved a technological feat.

Standards evolve, history is renewed.


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  • Matte black



Nominal heat output 81%
Efficiency 18 kW
CO output 0,09%
Dust emission 19 mg/Nm3
COV (OGC) at 13% of O2 34 mg/Nm3
NOx at 13% of O2 151 mg/Nm3

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