central, suspended, rotating fireplace

'Why should fire be fixed to the ground?' asks Dominique Imbert. 'I wanted my fireplaces to hang from the sky.'

This suspended and pivoting model is a response to this wish. Its pure, elegant shape is not only perfectly proportioned, but 
maximises heat efficiency. The graceful flue is built to measure for the space. The blend of function and form makes the Ergofocus one of the most popular of Focus's suspended models.



fire within reach

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characteristics wood-burning version

This suspended model has an open hearth that pivots 360°.

Flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
Paint: matt black (standard) or white (optional for indoor version)

Also available as outdoor version

Models in 3D
Nominal heat output
5 kW
46,1 %
CO output
0,12 %
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