Apr 2024
New model

New Domofocus : available with Bioethanol

Focus continues to develop its bioethanol range! Smokeless, with no need for an external flue outlet on the roof, this is the true advantage of Focus’s new bioethanol range: a fireplace that you can install anywhere you want! 

A true revolution, the bioethanol Domofocus, like the Gyrofocus, can feature in spaces where it was previously impossible to install a fireplace: in an apartment on any floor, on a concrete or IPN beam, under a mezzanine, etc. 

There are no longer the usual constraints restricting the position of a fireplace in the room: these models are not bound by the conventional requirements for flues. 

Another major advantage is that smokeless combustion allows this fireplace to be installed in geographical zones where wood combustion is now prohibited. 

This innovative fireplace, developed in partnership with the French specialist in high-end bioethanol burners Ignisial Paris, is designed to be autonomous, operating with an electric battery. The fully electronic, safe burner is operated by remote control.