high-performance stove

Grappus is more than a wood stove: it is a composition that rhythmically structures space, giving the fire the high note. The height of the hearth, counterbalanced by the offset wood rack, makes the stove easy to use and adapts well to any space. Grappus successfully cross-fertilises a high-performance stove, a contemporary design that reveals the flames in all their splendour, and an easily accessible wood rack.

- created by Thibault Désombre for Focus -


 fire is architecture in movement 

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characteristics wood-burning version

high-performance stove
suitable for low-energy buildings

Flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
Paint: matt black

Models in 3D
characteristics gas version

High-performance stove suitable for low-energy buildings

Both the electronic mechanism for the burner and the gas supply system are built into the base.
Operated by remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.)
Batteries allow continued operation in case of a power cut
Combustible : natural gas or propane
Decorative logs or hearth of ripped steel

The flue and other adaptation parts are made to measure
Paint: matt black

The gas burner must be connected by a licensed gas installer.



Models in 3D
nominal heat input (natural gas)
de 7,0 à 8,5 kW
consumption (natural gas)
de 0,723 à 0,892 m3/h
nominal heat input (propane)
de 5,1 à 5,9 kW
consumption (propane)
0,167 à 0,206 m3/h


label observeur du design 2014 pour le poele Grappus
Reddot award 2014 pour le poele Grappus
interior innovation award 2014 pour le poele Grappus
nomination au German Design award pour le poele Grappus