FILIOFOCUS telescopic

central telescopic fireplace

It is magnificent - congratulations…
wrote Sir Norman Foster after Dominique Imbert created a giant Filiofocus for a prestigious reception area in a building designed by the architect.

This elegant model is based on that design, but scaled down to dimensions more suitable for domestic interiors.

With an innovative telescopic system that allows the hood to be drawn down to close off the hearth, the Filiofocus marries function and refined style.




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characteristics wood-burning version

This open-hearth version of the model has a telescopic hood (Ø 72 cm) that can be easily drawn up and down by hand.

The firebowl (Ø 1.16 m) can be integrated in the floor or mounted on a custom-built steel base.

The height of the flue and other adaptations are built to measure.

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