EDOFOCUS 631 rear outlet

wall glazed fireplace

This fireplace takes its name from Edo, the former name of Tokyo between the 15th and 19th centuries. It was in this city that the model won a bid against international competitors to be installed in 121 deluxe flats. Tokyo has graciously lent its ancient name to the fireplace it elected winner. 

The wall version of the Agorafocus, this discreet, efficient model emanates serenity.

Versions available

- édofocus 631 (rear outlet)
- édofocus 631 (vertical outlet)
- édofocus 631 (on base)

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  • Matte black



nominal heat output 8 - 18 kW
efficiency 81 %
CO output 0,09 %
dust 19 mg / m3

3D Model

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