Country Turkey
Model Filiofocus Téléscopique
Architect SMA

At the foot of a cliff on the Turkish coast, the Babylon Beach Club welcomes diners at the Monk restaurant. Designed by Selin Maner of SMA Architects, the restaurant is open year-round. Originally the site had a small restaurant constructed from asphalt and concrete, but the renovation chose to accentuate the natural environment through the use of Kebony wood to cover the building’s exterior. The renovation of the building presented an interesting architectural challenge, as the needs for interior and exterior space depend on the season. In the spring and autumn, Babylon Kilyos hosts outdoor concerts and music festivals that welcome up to 20,000 attendees. In winter, only the interior of the restaurant, which seats 100 people, is used. To cope with this fluctuation, the design team created a glass extension on a rolling track that permits extra tables to be added indoors in the winter, while allowing more outdoor space on the terrace in the summer. A telescopic Filiofocus fireplace encircled by colourful sofas is situated at the entrance of the restaurant, where passing guests or waiting diners can soak in the warmth of the crackling fire. 

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