Country Australia
Model Gyrofocus
Architect Atelier Andy Carson

Photographer Michael Nicholson


The Sydney-based studio Andy Carson Architecture designed this stunning house on a ridge overlooking Werri Beach and Geering Bay in New South Wales. The owners wanted a main house with an extension that could be used as a guest house. The architects conceived a group of metal-clad boxes built around a courtyard with a pool. Each separate space has a glass wall that offers a unique view of the ocean or surrounding landscape.

In one of the spaces, cantilevered over the hillside and supported by angled pillars, a Gyrofocus suspended fireplace surveys the majestic ocean view from a floor-to-ceiling window.

The living area of the guest house features a suspended steel Ergofocus, which is right at home in the elegant setting. The large picture windows of the guest house have copper shutters that can be angled to let in more or less light, or left entirely open for an optimal view of the green pastures outside.

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