Wall mounted designer fireplace

Focus wall fireplaces will grace your living space with contemporary elegance. A wall fireplace is installed against or mounted on a wall, with the hearth facing the room. Focus wall fireplaces are available as wood and/or gas models.
Discover the range of stoves and fireplaces Focus design wall.

19 models
Cheminée moderne Antefocus
central or wall mounted fireplace
high-performance stove
cheminee design Edofocus 631. Poele à bois design vitré
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée design Edofocus 850
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée Design Emifocus Hublot dv dans une ambiance industrielle
wall glazed fireplace
wall mounted fireplace
Cheminée Design Eurofocus 951
free-standing fireplace, fixed or pivoting
Cheminée Design Filiofocus Mural
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée poële design Grappus
high-performance stove
Cheminée Design Hétérofocus ambiance grange
wall mounted fireplace with door
Cheminée Design Hublofocus
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée Design Miofocus dans une ambiance Jaune Blanc Noir
wall mounted fireplace
Cheminée design optifocus
wall fireplace with glass
Cheminée design Paxfocus
wall mounted fireplace
suspended, closed, fireplace
wall mounted fireplace
central closed fireplace
cheminée design centrale slimfocus
suspended fireplace, fixed or pivoting
pivoting contemporary stove Stofocus
pivoting stove