built-in glazed fireplace

The Pictofocus allows the fire to embrace its public. The quiet power of simplicity guides the design philosophy of this model. Its innovative, elegant lines avoid any distraction so the fire can take centre stage.

The Pictofocus is proof that the days of excessive and overwrought design are over.



conjuring magic


characteristics gas version

This closed fireplace has a full curved glass door that opens on side hinges.

High-performance fireplace suitable for low-energy buildings

Both the electronic mechanism for the burner and the gas supply system need to be integrated in the technical unit supplied.
Operated by remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.)
Batteries allow continued operation in case of a power cut
Combustible : natural gas or propane
Decorative logs or ceramic pebbles

Paint: matt black

The gas burner must be connected by a licensed gas installer.

nominal heat input (natural gas)
10,5 kW
consumation (gaz naturel)
1,073 m3/h
nominal heat input (propane)
9 kW
consumation (propane)
0.312 m3/h
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