wall fireplace with glass

The Optifocus is a model that boasts several appealing features: an extended hearth shelf, a base that doubles as a wood storage space, a heat recovery system, and curved sliding glass panels that allow optimal visibility of the fire, whether open or closed.

Blending these elements in a harmonious whole, the convivial Optifocus is an ideal solution for limited spaces, without compromising on safety or heat efficiency. Graceful in style, the model also has a minimal CO output.


- Is there fire in heaven?  
- …                                            
- Well, then, I guess I choose hell.




  • Noir mat



nominal heat output 8 -11 kW
efficiency 73,1 %
CO output 0,16 %
dust 48 mg/m3
nominal heat input (natural gas version) 9kW
consumption (natural gas version) 0,89 m3/h
nominal heat input (propane) 7,8 kW
consumption (propane) 0,31 m3/h

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