Sep 2018
New model

Lensfocus, ‘a hypnotising eye’

‘A smouldering look from an eye of embers …’

This built-in balanced-flue fire is available in natural gas and propane. It exists in matt black, anthracite grey or white.

As it does not require the intake of air from the room for combustion, it is compliant with the French Energy Efficiency Standard RT2012 and can be installed in low-energy houses.

The Lensfocus is operated by remote control. The installation does not require an electrical connection, so the fire will continue to function even in the case of a power outage.

Gas offers matchless comfort, autonomy and convenience. This source of energy is clean, safe, and demands no fuel storage.

While taking up little space, the Lensfocus radiates a warm and non-conformist charm. In contrast to a traditional built-in fire, it requires only a shallow depth, and can easily be installed in a corner with minimal encroachment on the living space of a room.

The hypnotising regard of the Lensfocus offers up an eyeful of dancing flames through its porthole.