Apr 2018
New model

Boafocus, air-tight gas stove

"Draw me a fireplace …"

‘In The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the airman draws the boy a boa that has swallowed an elephant. This illustration really struck me when I was a child, and I always wanted to turn it into a fireplace …’, says Dominique Imbert.

Aside from this anecdote, the Boafocus central model combines a svelte yet elegantly curvy silhouette with an efficient multi-functional gas fire. Gas offers an incomparable level of comfort and autonomy. It is an energy source that is clean, safe, reliable and has no storage constraints.

The Boafocus comes in two versions: a central model and a wall-mounted model.

With its compact size (hearth diameter 500mm), the central Boafocus unites indisputable visual appeal with exceptional performance.

Sharing the same design and performance as the central model, the hearth of the wall version has the same width (500mm), but reduced depth (440mm). This allows the wall-mounted Boafocus to be installed against a wall, freeing up even more space.

The Boafocus is a balanced-flue fire, it does not require air intake from the room. It complies with French energy efficiency standard RT2012 and can be installed in low-energy buildings.

Even before it was launched, the Boafocus received an award at the 2018 Iconic Awards in Germany.