Metafocus 8

sculptural built-in fireplace

A fireplace with a large steel firebox and a bronze sliding panel.

Each unique façade is numbered and signed by Dominique Imbert.


‘The mission of art is not to copy nature, but to express it.’ (Balzac)


caractéristiques gaz

Both the electronic mechanism for the burner and the gas supply system need to be integrated in the technical unit supplied.
Operated by remote control (lighting, programming, adjustment, etc.)
Batteries allow continued operation in case of a power cut
Combustible : natural gas or propane
Decorative logs or ceramic pebbles or gravel

Guaranteed efficiency with a minimum flue length (interior plus exterior) of 3 m.


Models in 3D
nominal heat Input (natural gaz)
22,2 kw
consumption (natural gaz)
2,114 m3/h
nominal heat Input (propane)
15,2 kw
consumption (propane)
0,435 m3/h