Contemporary stoves

Focus has a wide range of contemporary stoves that combine high performance and stylish design. Our contemporary stove models meet the strictest European environmental and performance standards, allowing them to be installed in low-energy (energy-efficient) homes. Focus contemporary stoves are closed with a glass panel that offers an optimal view of the fire. They are available as wood and/or gas models.

17 models
cheminée design Agorafocus
central fireplace, glassed
central fireplace, glassed
Cheminée design Bathyscafocus Hublot suspendue
central fireplace
cheminée murale et poele contemporain au foyer fermé
wall glazed fireplace
high-performance stove
cheminee design Edofocus 631. Poele à bois design vitré
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée design Edofocus 850
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée Design Emifocus Hublot dv dans une ambiance industrielle
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée Design Eurofocus 951
free-standing fireplace, fixed or pivoting
free-standing wall or corner fireplace
Cheminée poële design Grappus
high-performance stove
Cheminée Design Hétérofocus ambiance grange
wall mounted fireplace with door
Cheminée Design Hublofocus
wall glazed fireplace
Cheminée design optifocus
wall fireplace with glass
central closed fireplace
cheminée design centrale slimfocus
suspended fireplace, fixed or pivoting
pivoting contemporary stove Stofocus
pivoting stove